Oh, Stockholm city, how I love thee.

Have been feeling very much more appreciative of my city lately. As I will soon replace these pretty views with the ones of New Jersey I am determined to suck up as much of their beauty as possible.
Not that there aren't necessarily any pretty views in New Jersey, just going to miss my more homey ones. Of course, with the current political situation in that country I am much less keen on going there at the moment. Will try to make it as brief as possible ;) Ah, the things we do for love!
Yes, I was dumb enough to fall in love with someone on the other side of the planet ;D The upside being that I will have some new things to look at and some new experiences in my pocket <3

No way, did I go shopping again...?

So who would I be if I could take a round in the city without actually buying something? Not me x) Especially when I find that a new River Island store has just opened up on my regular shopping street! Got to check that out, of course. And I am hooked! Will absolutely be coming back here! 
And here is the pretty little thing I picked up from there. The colours may go darker in the fall and winter, but they absolutely do not need to go away. A bit of colour along with some cool patters and you are all set for owning the streets in fall. This cropped checkered beauty is of a super cozy kinda thick material that will keep me nice and warm as the cold starts to draw in. And with the top doing all the talking you can just pair them up with a pair of black jeans.
(Btw, it's currently on sale!)

Bear with me here x)

Well hello, and welcome to my first blog post. Not sure how to start this really... Maybe I'll get so awkward as to talk about the weather, coz it is the first snow of the year for me today! And that's supposed to be special! Woot! I suppose it at least means something to my choice of outfit for the day, and that is what I am planning to write about the most anyway.
So, about the picture: Been a while since I rocked the shirt and tie look. I love something that's supposed to be fancy and dressed up going a bit messy. Quite a statement look despite being so simple. Love it! To add a bit of colour, just throw on a nice red lipstick.
!  The "hey, it's really damn cold out" version of the shirt and tie look. , and in this weather, who needs an excuse to wear a nice oversized knit? Got it last year from tobi.com. They still have it, only not in navy. Link here: http://www.tobi.com/tops/sweaters/62844-tobi-cozy-up-lace-up-sweater?color_id=90536