Ootd: Pastels

Traditionally, colder winter months makes us turn to darker colours. The streets are filled with deep reds and blues, and of course a lot of black and grey. I do love the fall inspired colourpallet, but as the temperature drops below zero, (celsius, freezing point), it becomes harder to keep nice and warm without turning into a one of the dark silhouettes. So the pastel trend has me happily surprised! It completely goes away from the gloomy, dark tradition and instead decides to make friends with the snowy light surroundings. Whites, light blues and pinks, making you shine bright and fit in in any winter wonderland! I love it; it feels to me like a happier interpretation of winter styling. 
Now, the pastel trend has not been hitting me too hard, (mainly because of lack of founds :'(), although I do admire it.  With my closet being pretty much limited to the few pieces I brought with me from Sweden, putting this outfit together was a bit of a challenge, but a fun one!  I do miss my summer closet, though, it would had given me more to work with. But I'm happy with the results, featured here in this mini-lookbook: 
Momjeans from pacsun. My new loves. You'll be seeing more of those ;)
Complete with the little details that makes all the difference. Necklace from Claire's.
I was inspired to do a pastel piece by youtuber Chloe Tang. She has featured some pastel winter looks in her Winter Lookbook 2017 on her youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab-cMUimnlQ) and on her Instagram (Chloe_T). Go check her out for more winter-pastel looks!
Well, my inner shopaholic feels inspired. I think ima go and cater to her wishes. 
'Til next time!


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