My favorite trend right now: Fishnets!

I know that by now I don't need to convince anyone. The fishnet trend is all over the place and I, (like so many others) am in LOVE!
 (The word "love" in the previous sentence is to be read in a slightly higher pitch.. this is important.)
 So I figured I'd contribute to the fishnet love-fest with some ootd and detail pics. Enjoy! ;D
 Went out yesterday on a hunt for some new ones. Had managed to kill off my other ones x)
I found it very strange, considering how huge this trend is, (although not exactly new anymore, it's still up and going), how hard it was to find these in store! I went to your basic shopping mall, thinking I'd find these at every turn; nothing! Only the more rocker/costume/goth stores had anything to offer at all, and it sure wasn't much. Guess Ima have to get on the internet stores if I want to add anything more
fishnet-y to my wardrobe. Sigh. I know that's how... well, everyone shoppes these days, but I like the feeling of coming home with my new stuff in my shopping bags and try them on again to see if they look as good at home as they did when I tried them on in the store. I DON'T like buying something and then sit around and wait for it for a week and a half. That's just way beyond my patience span. Oh well, can't fight the technological progress, i guess :j
 It's the perfect detail to peek through ripped jeans for an edgy look <3
 Or a perfect way to spice up an minimalistic outfit.
Although the trend mostly features the standard black fishnets they also come in a variety of colours for those who want to stand out a little extra. White and red ones are especially popular.
Photo: Tiffany Federer   IG: tiffany_federer   Lookbook:
My personal favorite: the diamond fishnets under ripped jeans. Love how Tiffany Federer styled it in her "Sunday Details" look! Check her out on Instagram and lookbook!
(Diamond fishnets where nowhere to be found in that mall I went to, by the way. So get onto the internet stores for this look!)
Feeling inspired? I know I am! Can't wait to see more looks from this trend!
'Til next time!

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Det är så snyggt !

Svar: Tack så mycket! Om du gillar mode/styling; tyck gärna till om det är något särskilt du vill att jag ska skriva om.

2017-02-25 @ 10:30:59

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