No way, did I go shopping again...?

So who would I be if I could take a round in the city without actually buying something? Not me x) Especially when I find that a new River Island store has just opened up on my regular shopping street! Got to check that out, of course. And I am hooked! Will absolutely be coming back here! 
And here is the pretty little thing I picked up from there. The colours may go darker in the fall and winter, but they absolutely do not need to go away. A bit of colour along with some cool patters and you are all set for owning the streets in fall. This cropped checkered beauty is of a super cozy kinda thick material that will keep me nice and warm as the cold starts to draw in. And with the top doing all the talking you can just pair them up with a pair of black jeans.
(Btw, it's currently on sale!)


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