Bear with me here x)

Well hello, and welcome to my first blog post. Not sure how to start this really... Maybe I'll get so awkward as to talk about the weather, coz it is the first snow of the year for me today! And that's supposed to be special! Woot! I suppose it at least means something to my choice of outfit for the day, and that is what I am planning to write about the most anyway.
So, about the picture: Been a while since I rocked the shirt and tie look. I love something that's supposed to be fancy and dressed up going a bit messy. Quite a statement look despite being so simple. Love it! To add a bit of colour, just throw on a nice red lipstick.
!  The "hey, it's really damn cold out" version of the shirt and tie look. , and in this weather, who needs an excuse to wear a nice oversized knit? Got it last year from They still have it, only not in navy. Link here:


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